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As a developer, code is what drives you. Keeping up with the newest frameworks, libraries and tools is something I do every single day.


Next to Software Development, I severely focus on secure coding standards and libraries. Most of my side projects have something to do with penetration testing, web application vulnerability analysis or cryptography.

Full stack

Creating full stack applications, integrating with existing components or maintaining and building on top of existing code.

Spring Framework

In most of my project, I tend to take full benefit of the spring framework, including a lot of its sideprojects. Even this website was created using the latest version of Spring Boot.

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A few links to my tools, repositories and showcases.

This landing page

Created with Spring Boot and Thymeleaf.

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A short version of my curriculum.

  • 2011-2012

    Graduation and Post-Graduation

    After graduating in applied information technology with a specialisation in software development, I chose to resume my studies, while working on a side project , and get a Post Graduate in IT-Management.

  • March 2012

    Started working for INTO IT

    In march 2012, I decided to start working for a company that's specialized in tailor made applications in the field of digital signing and smarcards.

  • August 2013

    Building QDS Consult

    In August 2013 I founded QDS Consult. Together with 2 other consultancy companies, we worked on a product that would streamline the whole process of digital signatures.

  • November 2013

    International Post Corporation

    In november 2013 I started my work with IPC. Creating new applications, maintaining legacy applications and building on top of existing datasets.

  • December 2015


    In December 2015 I decided to migrate my security research to a new domain, separating QDS Consult as the software development branch of my company from the security branch. I coined it KarmaHostage.

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Quinten De Swaef

Software Developer

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